CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research - Physics Department - NA62

Beam Line

    In order to complete the experiment, we require a beam of protons from the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS). We receive a primary and a secondary beam from the SPS which are used to take data. Addition information on the beam line, shown in the image below, is included on this page.

  • Primary Beam 400GeV/C  on T10 Target  (North Area High Intensity Facility)
    • delivers  1.1*1012 protons/eff. second on target

  • Secondary Beam
    • High momentum Beam 75±0.75 GeV/c
    • High intensity hadron beam (≈ 750 MHz) with an optimum content of K+ (≈6%)

  • Leads to:
    • 4.5 MHz of Kaon decays in fiducial region
    • Ratio (K+ decays / Hadron Flux) ≈ 6‰

  • Expected K+ -> π + n n  events:
    • 380  decays in fiducial region /y (1y=100d, 60% eff.)
    • ≈ 50  detected  K+ -> π + n n events/y